Features of our products:

All efforts of our not big company focused on the production of a quality product.
The product, which we make, should be good for your health! It’s the rule we remember forever!
There is no place for any additives! Everything has to be just natural!

We get our raw materials from ecologically clean areas of Russia.
Wholegrain or wholemeal flour contains all the nutritious parts of the grain, include the shell and the embryo.
We keep the balance of nutrients in our products the same as it was in the grain.

During the processing the grains, the cereals and the flour contact just with with the stainless steel at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees . It allows to save a large amount of vitamins and minerals in our flour. The structure of our flour similar to the structure of flour milled the perfect millstones. It contains particles from small to quite large in approximately equal proportions.